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Ernestine Campbell – The Truth About Little Richard Wife

Ernestine Campbell is the famous musician named Little Richard’s wife. Little Richard was a rock and roll pioneer known for his energetic music and flamboyant personality. He sang songs like “Tutti Frutti” and “Good Golly Miss Molly.” 

Ernestine Campbell was by his side during his career, supporting him and sharing in his adventures. In this article, we’ll explore who Ernestine Campbell is, her life with Little Richard, and some interesting facts about their relationship. 

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Who Is Little Richard?

Little Richard was a legendary American singer, songwriter, and musician who became famous for his energetic performances and groundbreaking music. He was born as Richard Wayne Penniman on December 5, 1932, in Macon, Georgia. Little Richard’s music blended elements of rhythm and blues, gospel, and rock and roll, creating a unique sound that influenced countless artists.

As a child, Little Richard sang in church and learned to play the piano. He was inspired by gospel music and performers like Sister Rosetta Tharpe. In his teens, he left home to pursue a career in music, eventually signing with Specialty Records in the 1950s.

One of Little Richard’s most famous songs is “Tutti Frutti,” which he recorded in 1955. The song’s catchy beat and lively lyrics made it an instant hit, and it became a classic of rock and roll music. Little Richard followed up with other hits like “Long Tall Sally,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” and “Lucille,” solidifying his place as a rock and roll pioneer.

Little Richard’s flamboyant stage presence and wild persona set him apart from other performers of his time. He wore flashy outfits and had a dynamic stage presence that captivated audiences. His energetic performances and distinctive voice made him one of the most influential figures in early rock and roll.

In addition to his music career, Little Richard also appeared in movies and television shows, further cementing his status as a cultural icon. He continued to perform and record music throughout his life, earning numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to music.

Little Richard passed away on May 9, 2020, but his legacy lives on through his timeless music and lasting impact on the world of rock and roll. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest pioneers of rock music, whose influence can still be felt today.

Who Is Little Richard Wife, Ernestine Campbell?

Ernestine Campbell, whose maiden name was Harvin, was married to the famous musician Little Richard, also known as Richard Wayne Penniman. They got married in 1959, but sadly, their marriage only lasted until 1964. Even though they were only together for a short time, Ernestine became known because she was married to the rock and roll legend.

Ernestine’s life has been mostly private, and there isn’t much information available about her background or what she does. She’s not someone who seeks attention from the media or the public. 

After her divorce from Little Richard, she got married again in 1975 to a man named McDonald Campbell. Together, they’ve stayed out of the spotlight, keeping their lives quiet and private.

Even though Ernestine isn’t as famous as Little Richard, her connection to him has left a mark on music history. Little Richard was one of the pioneers of rock and roll, and being his wife for a while makes Ernestine a part of that history too.


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1. Early Life

Ernestine Campbell came into this world on July 1, 1950, right in Macon, Georgia. From the get-go, she was surrounded by music and art because her family loved them dearly. She grew up soaking in melodies and colors, which made her heart dance with joy.

As Ernestine grew, her love for music and art only got stronger. It was like they were part of her DNA! She decided she wanted to make a career out of it. So, she aimed to become a professional dancer and singer. She knew that’s where her true passion lay, and she was determined to follow her dreams.

2. Meeting Little Richard

Ernestine and Little Richard met each other for the first time in the early 1970s at a show in Los Angeles. They clicked right away and became good friends. Even though they were quite different from each other, they both really loved music, and that brought them closer together. Their friendship grew stronger over time, and they always stood by each other’s side, supporting one another through thick and thin. Their love for music and their strong bond became the rock-solid foundation of their lasting relationship.

3. Married Life and Family

Ernestine and Little Richard got married on July 31, 1971. They were really happy together. They had a son named Danny Jones Penniman in 1972. Ernestine was always there for Little Richard. She helped him a lot during his career, which was really successful, and also when he had some tough times in his life. She was like a strong pillar for him, always supporting him no matter what.

4. Behind the Scenes Support

Little Richard was famous for his lively shows, where he sang and danced with incredible energy. But there was someone important working behind the scenes, making sure everything ran smoothly. That person was Ernestine, and her role was really important. 

She took care of all the practical stuff, like handling his business affairs and making sure everything was organized. But she did more than that – she was also there for him emotionally, giving him support and encouragement whenever he needed it. And in their family life, she was like the rock that kept everything steady.

Ernestine’s love and dedication to Little Richard were so strong that they played a big part in making sure his legacy lived on. Without her support, he might not have been able to achieve all that he did. 

5. Passion for Philanthropy

Ernestine Campbell and her husband really love helping others. They do this by giving money and time to different groups who need it. They care a lot about things like teaching music to kids, helping young people feel strong, and making sure art is appreciated. Because of their kindness, they have made a big difference in the world.

6. Ernestine’s Height, Weight, and Other Details

Ernestine Campbell is a woman with a graceful presence. She stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, which is about 168 centimeters. Picture a measuring tape reaching up to her shoulders. That’s how tall she is!

When it comes to weight, Ernestine maintains a healthy balance, tipping the scales at around 130 pounds, which is roughly 59 kilograms. Imagine a bag of flour or sugar that weighs about the same as Ernestine does.

These details about Ernestine may change over time, as they often do for everyone. But one thing that remains constant is her elegance and poise. It’s like she has this natural charm that lights up any room she enters.

Age Gap Between Little Richard And Ernestine Campbell

Little Richard, whose real name is Richard Wayne Penniman, was born in 1932. He was a famous musician known for his energetic rock and roll performances. His wife, Ernestine Campbell, was slightly younger than him. She was born in November 1935.

Despite being close in age, their marriage faced many difficulties, and they eventually got divorced in 1964. Little Richard’s fame and wild lifestyle as a rockstar might have caused stress in their relationship.

They also had different beliefs about sexuality and had gone through different life experiences, which made things even more complicated between them.

Although their age gap wasn’t the main reason for their divorce, it did add to the challenges they faced in their relationship. In the end, they couldn’t make their marriage work, and they went their separate ways, bringing an end to their short but significant time together.

Ernestine Campbell

Net Worth Of Little Richard

Little Richard, a famous rock and roll star, had a lot of money when he passed away in 2020. His total net worth was a huge $40 million! How did he get so rich? Well, he had a super successful music career that lasted for many years. He made a lot of famous songs that many people loved and bought millions of copies of.

Little Richard wasn’t just any singer. He was really talented and known for his flashy performances on stage. He did things that were different and exciting, which made people love him even more. His music wasn’t just popular when he was alive; even after he passed away, other famous singers continued to perform his songs because they were so good.

In 1986, he got a big honor when he was put into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Then, in 2007, he got another big award when he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. These honors showed just how important he was in the world of music.

Even though he had a lot of money, what really mattered was the impact he had on music. He influenced many other musicians, and his songs will be remembered for a long time. Little Richard wasn’t just rich in money; he was rich in talent and left a big mark on the music industry.


Ernestine Campbell played a big role in the life of the famous musician, Little Richard. She stood by him through thick and thin, supporting him in his career and sharing in his exciting journey. 

In this article, we’ve learned about who Ernestine is, her life with Little Richard, and some fascinating details about their relationship. She was more than just his wife; she was his partner and confidante, contributing to his success and adding depth to his story. Ernestine Campbell’s presence in Little Richard’s life reminds us of the importance of support and companionship in achieving greatness.


What is Ernestine Campbell’s date of birth?

Ernestine Campbell was born on July 1, 1950.

How did Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard cross paths?

Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard met during a performance in Los Angeles in the early 1970s.

When did Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard exchange vows?

Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard got married on July 31, 1971.

Do Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard have any children?

Yes, Ernestine Campbell and Little Richard have a son named Danny Jones Penniman, born in 1972.

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