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Zachary Taylor Warner – Kurt Warner Son’s Age, Biography, Net Worth, And More!

In sports, Names like Zachary Taylor Warner and Kurt Warner stand out. Zachary Taylor Warner is the son of Kurt Warner, a famous former American football player. Kurt Warner gained fame for his remarkable career in the National Football League (NFL), where he won a Super Bowl and earned multiple MVP awards. 

Zachary, following in his father’s footsteps, has drawn attention for his own pursuits and achievements. In this article, we’ll delve into Zachary Taylor Warner’s age, biography, net worth, as well as shedding light on the life of a young individual navigating the legacy of a renowned parent in the sports world.

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is a person who was born in the United States on April 29, 1989. He is currently 34 years old and comes from Arizona. His mom, Brenda Carney Meoni, and his dad, Neil, were both in the Marine Corps and worked as nurses. 

They’re known for being helpful to others through their philanthropy. Zachary grew up in Arizona with his sister named Jesse Jo. He also has five half-siblings. Some of them, Eugene and Elijah Storm, are known for playing American football.

Early Life

Zachary Taylor Warner was born in America on April 29, 1989. His mom’s name is Brenda Carney Meoni, and his dad’s is Neil. When Zachary was just a baby, his dad accidentally dropped him, causing a severe injury to his head. 

This was a scary time for Zachary and his family. He had to go to the hospital right away. The doctors were worried that he might not survive. Luckily, Zachary did survive, but the accident left him with some lasting problems. He hurt his brain and had trouble seeing correctly after that.

Zachary’s mom, Brenda, is an extraordinary person. She served in the U.S. Marine Corps, like in the army, but she decided not to go to college like many people do after high school. Instead, she became a nurse and even wrote a really popular book! She’s also someone who likes to help others and does many good things for people who need it.

After Zachary’s accident, his parents’ lives changed a lot. His mom and dad got divorced, and his mom took care of him and his little brother, Jesse, who was born not long after the accident. 

Zachary’s mom had to leave the military because she wanted to be there for Zachary and make sure he got the best care possible. She worked hard as a nurse to support her family and care for Zachary’s unique needs. Despite everything, Zachary and his family stayed strong and faced challenges together.


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Brenda was studying hard to be a nurse. She met Kurt Warner, a young football player at the time. Kurt was just 21 years old worked in a store, and coached football at Northern Iowa. They started going out together and lived in Brenda’s parents’ basement for a while.

Even though Brenda had two children from before, Kurt didn’t mind at all. He loved them very much. Brenda says that Kurt loved the kids even before he loved her. Eventually, they got married on October 11, 1997. After they married, Kurt officially became the dad of Brenda’s kids, Zachary and Jesse. He adopted them.

The Warners gave Zachary a lot of love and care. They always made sure he felt special and had everything he needed. Zachary inspired them because he was solid and full of life.

Because of Zachary, the Warners started a foundation called Treasure House in Glendale, Arizona. This foundation helps young adults who have disabilities. Brenda is proud of this foundation. She thinks it’s a great way to show how to treat people with disabilities well.

Family Of Zachary Taylor Warner 

Zachary Taylor Warner is a cherished member of a large and loving family. Even though he was adopted, he’s surrounded by siblings who are always there for him.

Let’s meet his family:

  • Kade Warner: Zachary’s older brother, Kade, was born on September 29, 1998. Just like their dad, Kade loves football. He played as a wide receiver for the Kansas State Wildcats. Kade was so good that he became the team captain in his final year!
  • Jada Jo Warner: Next up is Jada Jo, Zachary’s half-sister. She was born in 2001, making her the second child of Brenda and Kurt. Jada Jo lives in Los Angeles for school, and she’s into acting and making excellent content for her YouTube channel and Instagram.
  • Elijah Warner: Another one of Zachary’s siblings is Elijah. He was born in 2003 and grew up in Arizona with his family. Elijah, like his dad and big brother, is passionate about football. He’s a quarterback for Temple University.
  • Sienna and Sierra: Zachary’s youngest half-siblings are twins named Sienna and Sierra. They were born on December 19, 2005, making them 17 years old. Interestingly, they’re identical twins, meaning they look exactly alike!

Zachary’s family is a diverse and talented bunch, each with their interests and passions, but always united by love and support for one another.

Age Of Zachary Taylor Warner

Zachary Taylor Warner is currently 34 years old. He was born on April 29, 1989, in the United States and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Zachary’s mother, Brenda Carney Meon, used to serve in the US Marine Corps, wrote New York Times best-selling books, and is known for her charity work and public speaking. After Zachary’s parents divorced, Kurt Warner, a former NFL quarterback, adopted him.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Disability

Zachary Taylor Warner has had trouble seeing since he was a little boy. This means he can’t see as well as most people. But it’s not something he was born with. When he was just a baby, about four months old, something unfortunate happened. 

His dad accidentally dropped him in the bathtub. This caused some severe problems. Zachary ended up with brain damage because of the accident. His mom had to stop working so she could take care of him. It was tough for his dad, too. He felt incredibly guilty about what happened to Zachary. 

Sadly, he also got sick. He had a brain tumor and started having seizures. This made it hard for him to do his job in the Marine Corps. So, Zachary’s family has faced a lot of challenges because of what happened to him when he was just a baby.

Net Worth

Zachary Taylor Warner, the son of famous football player Kurt Warner, reportedly has a net worth of approximately $10,000. But here’s the catch: we don’t know much about what he does for a living or where his money comes from.

Zachary Taylor Warner

Who Is Kurt Warner?

Kurt Warner is primarily known as an American former professional football quarterback. He played for 12 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mainly with the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. Here are some critical details about him:

Playing Career

  • Undrafted free agent: Despite not being selected in the NFL draft, Warner’s talent shone through. He went on to a very successful career.
  • Two-time MVP: Awarded the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award in both 1999 and 2001.
  • Super Bowl champion: Led the St. Louis Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV, earning Super Bowl MVP honors.
  • Super Bowl appearances: Featured as a starting quarterback in three Super Bowls (XXXIV, XXXVI, XLIII).
  • Multiple franchises: Notably led both the Rams and the Cardinals to a Super Bowl, a rare feat for quarterbacks.


  • Cinderella story: His rise from undrafted obscurity to NFL stardom and Super Bowl glory is considered one of the greatest Cinderella stories in football history.
  • Hall of Famer: He was inducted into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017 and the Arena Football Hall of Fame (he played in the Arena Football League before the NFL).
  • Greatest undrafted player: Often regarded as the NFL’s greatest undrafted player, demonstrating that success isn’t solely defined by draft status.

Beyond Football

  • Philanthropy: Established the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation with his wife, Brenda to support children and families facing challenges.
  • Broadcasting: I currently work as an NFL analyst for NFL Network.


Zachary Taylor Warner, the son of NFL legend Kurt Warner, is making waves in the sports world. In his father’s footsteps, Zachary has garnered attention for his accomplishments. 

This article has explored Zachary’s age, background, and financial status, providing insight into a young athlete’s life and navigating the legacy of a famous parent. As Zachary continues to carve his path in sports, his journey serves as a testament to the impact and influence of family ties in athletics.


Who is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is the adopted son of the American NFL player Kurt Warner.

When is Zachary Taylor Warner’s birthday?

Zachary Taylor Warner celebrates his birthday on the 29th of April every year.

How old is Zachary Taylor Warner?

As of 2023, Zachary Taylor Warner is 34 years old.

Is Zachary Taylor Warner blind?

Yes, Zachary Taylor Warner is partially blind, being the son of Kurt Warner.

Who is Zachary Warner’s biological father?

Zachary Taylor Warner’s biological father is Neil, a former United States Marine Corps officer.

How tall is Zachary Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is approximately 5 feet 8 inches or 173 centimeters tall.

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