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Hendrix Wilburn – The Celebrity Child

Hendrix Wilburn is a young star who’s captured the spotlight, and it’s no wonder with parents like Future and Joie Chavis. Future, a renowned rapper, and Joie Chavis, a well-known dancer and influencer, have brought joy into the world. 

Hendrix’s parents are famous for their talents and have garnered massive followers on social media. Now, Hendrix is beginning to make a name for himself in the celebrity world, thanks to his charming personality and adorable appearances alongside his parents. 

In this article, we will discuss the life of Hendrix Wilburn. Let’s delve into the life of this budding celebrity child, Hendrix Wilburn.

Who Is Hendrix Wilburn?

Hendrix Wilburn is a little boy born in the United States on December 15, 2018. He’s African-American, which means his family’s background is from Africa, but they live in America. Hendrix was born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is a fun way to talk about when he was born. 

Even though he’s still young, people are interested in how he’s growing up. Instead of going to a regular school, his family probably teaches Hendrix at home. As for what he’ll do when he grows up, nobody knows yet. It’s a mystery waiting to be discovered!

Hendrix Wilburn’s Father: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn

Hendrix Wilburn’s dad is a famous rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, but he goes by the name Future. He was born in Atlanta on November 20, 1983. Future started his music career around 2010, quickly becoming popular with mixtapes like True Story, Dirty Sprite, and 1000. He got a lot of help from his cousin, Rico Wade, who’s part of the Dungeon Family.

When it comes to love and relationships, Future has had quite a colorful past. He’s been linked with many well-known women like Jessica Smith, India. J. Londy, Brittni Mealy, Cindy Parker, Larsa Pippen, Eliza Reign, Aaleeyah Petty, Blac Chyna, Ciara, Lori Harvey, and Dess Dior, both before and after being with Hendrix’s mom, Joie Chavis.

Being Hendrix’s dad means Future has left a big mark on the music world. His songs have shaped the sound of hip-hop today, and his journey from making mixtapes to becoming famous worldwide is a story of strength and innovation. 

This gives Hendrix a unique view of what it means to be committed to art and deal with the challenges of being famous. Future isn’t just a dad to Hendrix; he’s also a role model, showing him what hard work and determination can achieve, even when things get tough.

Hendrix Wilburn’s Mother, Joie Chavis

Hendrix Wilburn’s mother is Joie Chavis, a talented and versatile person. She does many different things, like making YouTube videos, helping people get fit, dancing, modelling, and starting her own business. People started paying attention to her when she was dating Future, a famous musician.

On YouTube, she has a channel called “Joie In Life,” where she shares workouts and healthy eating tips and talks about fitness gear. She’s also super popular on Instagram, with over 2.3 million followers. She shares bits of her life, her kids, and the brands she likes there.


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Joie doesn’t just talk about being healthy; she also sells fitness equipment, swimsuits, and workout clothes through her brand. She even has an online store with lots of health and fitness products. She has a clothing line named after her daughter, Shai Moss.

As a model, Joie has made a name for herself in the industry. She’s succeeded while being a mom, which is impressive. This means Hendrix gets to see both the glamorous side of modelling and the hard work it takes behind the scenes. Joie’s influence on Hendrix is inspiring. 

She teaches him about grace, determination, and staying down-to-earth even when there’s a lot of attention on you. She’s not just a mom to him but also a mentor and a guide as he grows up in the public eye.

Story Of Hendrix’s Parents

There was a lady named Joie Chavis and a famous rapper called Future. They were in love, and everyone knew about it. Joie was so happy when she found out she would have a baby. She told everyone on social media but didn’t say who the baby’s dad was at first. Their love was so big that Future even gave her a fancy watch with a big diamond for her baby shower.

But as time went on, things changed. Their love story didn’t have a happy ending. They broke up, and nobody knows why. Some people think it might be because Future was friends with many ladies. Even though they weren’t together anymore, they still tried to be friendly for the sake of their little boy.

That little boy they had together is named Hendrix. He’s the unique link between them now. Even though Joie and Future aren’t together anymore, they love Hendrix very much. And that’s how Hendrix’s parents, Joie Chavis and Future, went from being in love to being friends because of their little boy.

Hendrix WIlburn’s Siblings

Here are the siblings of Hendrix Wilburn:

  • Jakobi Wilburn: He’s the oldest child of Future, Hendrix’s dad. Jakobi was born on June 30, 2002, in Los Angeles. Just like his dad, he’s into rapping.
  • Prince Wilburn: Born on December 5, 2012, he’s the son of Future and Brittni Mealy. Brittni is known for her work as an influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Future Zahir Wilburn (Future Jr.): You might know him as Future Jr. He was born on May 19, 2014, to Future and Ciara, a singer.
  • Kash Wilburn: There’s not much information available about Kash Wilburn and his mom. It seems they prefer to keep things private.
  • Paris Wilburn: Paris is another sibling of Hendrix. She was born to Future and his ex-girlfriend named Jenelle. Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact birthdate.
  • Reign Wilburn: Reign entered the world during Future’s relationship with Eliza Reign.
  • Londyn Wilburn: She’s another daughter of Future, born on March 19, 2009, from his relationship with India J.
  • Shai Moss: Shai is Hendrix’s half-sister. She was born to Joie Chavis and the rapper Bow Wow on April 27, 2011.

So, Hendrix has several siblings from different moms who make up his big family!

Hendrix Wilburn’s Net Worth

Hendrix Wilburn is still very young, so he has no money yet. But his dad, Future, a famous musician, has a lot of money. People think he has about $40 million from making music and doing endorsements. Hendrix’s mom, Joie Chavis, also has some money. 

She’s earned around $1.2 million from modelling, being popular on social media, working with brands, and starting her businesses. So even though Hendrix doesn’t have his own money yet, his parents are doing well financially.


Hendrix Wilburn is emerging as a celebrity child with his famous parents, Future and Joie Chavis. Their influence has brought him into the limelight, gaining attention on social media.  With his delightful presence and cute moments shared with his parents, Hendrix is stepping into the spotlight in the celebrity realm. His journey as a young star is just beginning, and it’s evident that he’s already capturing hearts and attention. With his background and charm, the future looks bright for this budding celebrity child.

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