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Lakeisha Graham – The Stepmother Of Venus & Serena Williams

Lakeisha Graham is a significant figure in the lives of Venus and Serena Williams, two famous tennis superstars. She is the stepmother of these talented sisters, which means she married their father. 

Venus and Serena are well-known for their incredible achievements in tennis, winning many championships and inspiring millions of people around the world. Lakeisha Graham plays a supportive role in their lives, offering love, guidance, and encouragement. 

In this article, we’ll explore Lakeisha’s relationship with Venus and Serena, shedding light on her role as their stepmother and the impact she has on their lives and careers.

Who Is Lakeisha Graham?

Lakeisha Graham is an American woman who became known to many because she was married to Richard Williams, the father of famous tennis players Serena and Venus Williams. 

She was born in 1979, which makes her 44 years old. Lakeisha is not only a wife but also an entrepreneur, which means she runs her own business, and a nursing assistant, someone who helps nurses with their work.

People were surprised when Lakeisha and Richard got together because of their age difference and background. They got married in 2010, and during their time together, they had a son. However, their marriage didn’t last, and they got divorced in 2017 after being together for seven years.

Even though Lakeisha is no longer married to Richard, she has made a name for herself through her own work and endeavors.

Lakeisha Graham Career

Before Lakeisha Graham married Richard Williams in 2010, she owned a grocery store. That means she was in charge of a shop where people bought food and other things they needed. But we don’t know exactly how long she owned the store.

Even though she had been successful in running her store, Lakeisha faced money problems during her marriage to Richard Williams.

One big problem was a loan she took from a tough lender named David Simon. She borrowed $255,000 from him to start a trucking business. But sadly, that business didn’t work out.

David Simon said Lakeisha didn’t pay back the loan like she was supposed to. He also said she spent the money on things that weren’t necessary, like eating out a lot and buying things she didn’t really need.

Aside from her business ventures, Lakeisha Graham also works as a nurse’s assistant. That means she helps nurses take care of sick people and do important tasks to help them feel better. So, she has experience both in business and in helping people with their health.

Lakeisha Graham Marriage and Family Life

Lakeisha Graham and Richard Williams’ love story began when they met at a grocery store where Lakeisha worked as the owner. They fell in love and decided to tie the knot in 2010 after dating for some time. Their wedding was a cozy affair attended by close family and friends. Lakeisha was 32 years old when they got married, while Richard was 69.

Their happiness grew even more when they welcomed their son, Dylan Starr Richard Williams, into the world in August 2012. Serena Williams, Richard’s daughter from a previous relationship, was thrilled to become a big sister for the first time. 

She joked that she felt a bit like a grandmother with the arrival of her half-brother. Serena also playfully mentioned that she wished Dylan’s middle name, Starr, matched her own middle name, Jameka, instead of her sister Venus’s.

Lakeisha embraced her role as a stepmother to Serena and Venus Williams, providing them with love and support. She and Richard could often be spotted in the crowd, cheering on their superstar tennis daughters during their matches.

The Age Gap Between Lakeisha Graham And Richard Williams

Lakeisha Graham and Richard Williams had a big age gap between them. Lakeisha was born in 1979, while Richard was born on February 14, 1942. This means there was a difference of 37 years in their ages. Richard, being born earlier, was 37 years older than Lakeisha.

Right now, Lakeisha is 44 years old, and Richard is 81 years old. So, even though they’re not together anymore, Richard is still much older than Lakeisha.

What’s interesting is that Lakeisha is only a year younger than Venus Williams, who is one of Richard’s famous daughters.

Money Scandal Of Lakeisha Graham And Divorce From Richard Williams

In 2017, Richard Williams initiated divorce proceedings against his wife, Lakeisha Graham, following seven years of marriage. Williams, aged 75 at the time, alleged that his 38-year-old wife was battling alcoholism and misappropriating his social security benefits. He further claimed she forged his signature to transfer ownership of their vehicles and property to herself.

Court documents highlighted Williams’ concerns about Graham’s lifestyle and her association with individuals facing serious legal issues, questioning her ability to provide a suitable environment for their minor child. Graham declined to comment on the allegations but countered, accusing Williams of erratic behavior and possessing a collection of firearms, including an AK-47.

Graham’s deposition revealed allegations of Williams frequenting certain neighborhoods to ogle at women, while she admitted to imitating his handwriting on legal documents due to his deteriorating health. 

Lakeisha Graham

She also claimed Serena Williams, Richard’s daughter, had urged her to leave the family home, citing a letter from Serena’s lawyers threatening to change the locks if she didn’t vacate with her son.

In 2022, after a prolonged legal battle over accusations of forging her ex-husband’s signature on the mortgage deed, Graham appointed a specialist foreclosure company to sell the family home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

The dispute arose when Graham allegedly altered the mortgage deed into her name, which had been in the Williams family since 1995. She attempted to delay foreclosure by declaring bankruptcy multiple times, failing twice.

The once well-maintained home had deteriorated significantly, with an estimated value of only half its appraised worth due to neglect. The sale was managed by Get Liquid Funding LLC, with proceeds divided such that the company received 12%, leaving Graham with the remaining 88%.

Despite the contentious legal battles, there was a period where it seemed reconciliation was possible, with Graham halting the divorce proceedings and seeking dismissal of the case, citing ongoing marital relations with Williams.

Lakeisha Graham Net Worth

Lakeisha Graham, as of 2023, is believed to have a net worth ranging from $1 to $2 million. She has accumulated this wealth through her involvement in running a grocery business and working as a nurse. 

Lakeisha’s marriage to Richard Williams, whose net worth is estimated at around $20 million, could have also played a role in boosting her financial status. Additionally, there are rumors that part of her wealth might have come from the terms of her divorce settlement, although the details of this settlement remain undisclosed.


Lakeisha Graham’s role as the stepmother of Venus and Serena Williams has been significant in their lives. Through her support and guidance, she has contributed to their success in tennis and as individuals. 

Graham’s dedication to the family and her nurturing presence have helped shape the Williams sisters’ careers and personal development. Her influence highlights the importance of strong family bonds and support systems in achieving goals and overcoming challenges. 

Overall, Lakeisha Graham has played a vital role in the lives of Venus and Serena Williams, contributing to their journey to becoming tennis legends.


Who are Richard Williams’s children?

Richard Williams has nine children. Williams, before meeting his future wife Oracene Price in the 1970s, resided in Saginaw, Michigan, then California, where he met his first wife Betty Johnson.

How did Richard Williams accumulate his wealth?

Richard Williams amassed his wealth primarily through his career as a tennis coach and author. He played a pivotal role in nurturing the successful careers of his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. With an annual income of approximately $500,000, he has excelled both as a coach and in various business ventures.

Who is Lakeisha Williams’s son?

Lakeisha, who was married to the renowned tennis coach for 13 years, shares a son named Dylan with him from their marriage. Custody of their 10-year-old son is shared by both Richard and Lakeisha.

Who coached Venus Williams?

Venus Williams, along with her younger sister Serena, was coached by her parents, Oracene Price and Richard Williams. She embarked on her professional career in 1994 and reached her first major final at the 1997 US Open.

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