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Meet Kross Ermias Asghedom: Navigating the Legacy of Nipsey Hussle’s Son – A Deep Dive into His Life Journey

Kross Ermias Asghedom, born on August 31, 2016, in the pulsating heart of Los Angeles, California, embodies a captivating fusion of Hollywood allure and hip-hop legacy. The early chapters of Kross’s life are intertwined with the compelling narratives of his iconic parents—Nipsey Hussle, the indomitable rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, and Lauren London, the seasoned Hollywood actress. The introduction serves as a portal into the intricate tapestry of Kross’s life, inviting readers on a profound journey through his experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Field Information
Full name Kross Ermias Asghedom
Nickname Kross
Gender Male
Date of birth 31 August 2016
Age 7 years of age (2023)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Dark brown
Father Nipsey Hussle, also known as (Airmiess Joseph Asghedom)
Mother Lauren London
Half-siblings Emani Asghedom and Cameron Lennox Carter


Early Life and Background of Kross Asghedom

Kross Asghedom’s formative years unfold against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, a city pulsating with creativity and cultural diversity. Rooted in a household where the echoes of hip-hop meld seamlessly with Hollywood glamor, Kross’s early life is a canvas painted with the hues of his parent’s illustrious careers.

This exploration transcends mere biography, delving into the cultural influences and familial dynamics that sculpted Kross’s early identity, setting the stage for the remarkable journey ahead.

Parentage and Celeb Connections

The union of Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London transcends conventional parentage; it becomes a cultural phenomenon. Kross Ermias Asghedom, thus, emerges as a child of two worlds—imbued with the magnetic charisma of Hollywood and the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop stardom.

This segment unravels the intricacies of their relationship, providing insight into the public’s fascination with this power couple and its profound impact on Kross’s upbringing amidst the ever-intense spotlight of celebrity status.

Debut Mixtape and Early Recognition

Nipsey Hussle’s ascent in the music industry takes center stage in Kross Asghedom’s early narrative. The debut mixtape, “Slauson Boy Vol. 1,” released in 2005, becomes a significant chapter that resonates within the walls of their home.

As Kross takes his initial steps in the world, the cadence of his father’s success echoes through the hallways, laying the foundation for a musical legacy inherited by Kross. This section unveils the critical moments that shaped Kross’s perception of the world and his place in it.

Quick Facts About Kross Ermias Asghedom

The persona behind Kross Ermias Asghedom is illuminated in this section, offering readers a mosaic of quick facts contributing to his unique identity. Born on August 31, 2016, under the discerning Virgo zodiac sign, Kross, now at the tender age of 7 (as of 2023), embodies the richness of mixed ethnicity in the diverse tapestry of Los Angeles.

This snapshot provides a chronological perspective on Kross’s life and unveils the cultural amalgamation that shapes his being.

Tragic Events: A Close Friend’s Alleged Involvement in Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

The narrative turns poignant as we navigate the heart-wrenching events surrounding Nipsey Hussle’s untimely departure. The revelation of a close friend, Eric Ronald Holder Jr., allegedly being implicated in the murder casts a dark shadow over the story.

Exploring the intricate details of the personal conflicts between Holder and Hussle adds layers of complexity, painting a vivid picture of the events leading up to that fateful day in March 2019.

Impact on Kross Asghedom’s Childhood

The repercussions of Nipsey Hussle’s absence resonate through the corridors of Kross Asghedom’s childhood. Growing up without a father, especially one as influential as Hussle, poses unique challenges.

This section becomes a delicate exploration of the emotional landscape Kross traverses, offering profound insights into how the void left by his father shapes his early years and the support systems in place to guide him through the labyrinth of grief and loss.

Motherhood Struggles: Lauren London’s Hard Time Grieving

In the aftermath of Nipsey Hussle’s demise, it wasn’t only Kross who weathered the storm of emotions but also his mother, Lauren London. A luminary in Hollywood, London’s journey through grief, resilience, and motherhood unfolds in this segment.

The narrative peels back the layers of her struggles, the temporary departure from acting, and the gradual rebuilding of her life while shouldering the complexities of raising Kross and his half-siblings.

Kross Asghedom’s Age: Growing Up Without His Father

The core of Kross Asghedom’s story is the chronological timeline that charts his growth from infancy to the present. Born on August 31, 2016, he turned seven in 2023—a pivotal period encapsulating significant milestones.

Understanding the nuances of his age progression and the challenges associated with growing up without his father becomes a window into Kross’s evolving identity and the resilience that defines his character.

Insights into Kross Ermias Asghedom’s Net Worth

While the emotional dimensions of Kross’s life are paramount, the financial landscape adds another layer to the narrative. Unpacking the intricacies of Kross Ermias Asghedom’s net worth, we venture into the financial legacy bequeathed by Nipsey Hussle and the unique circumstances surrounding his inheritance.

This segment gives readers a nuanced understanding of the fiscal foundations that will inevitably shape Kross’s future.

Inheritance and Guardianship: A Peek into Kross’s Financial Future

The legal dimensions of Kross’s inheritance take center stage as we delve into the guardianship arrangements and responsibilities entrusted to Lauren London. Unraveling the intricacies of managing Kross’s financial future alongside his half-sister Emani provides a comprehensive view of the steps taken to secure their financial well-being, and the legacy passed down from Nipsey Hussle.

Father’s Legacy: Honoring Nipsey Hussle’s Community Work

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy extends beyond music, reaching the heart of community work and activism. Delving into the transformative impact of Hussle’s initiatives, such as renaming an intersection to “Ermias Nipsey Hussle Asghedom Square,” this segment highlights the enduring influence of a father committed to societal change. Explore the community’s collective efforts to honor Nipsey’s memory and preserve his legacy for future generations.

Renaming Streets and Murals: Keeping Nipsey’s Memory Alive

The visual tributes dedicated to Nipsey Hussle, including the renaming of streets and the creation of over fifty murals, provide a tangible testament to his lasting impact. This section immerses readers in the artistic expressions that are a perpetual reminder of Hussle’s contributions to the cultural landscape. Dive into the visual tapestry that encapsulates Nipsey’s spirit, ensuring that his memory thrives in the public consciousness through the streets and murals that bear his name.

Musical Tributes: Big Sean’s “Deep Reverence” and Other Homages

The realm of music becomes a poignant canvas for honoring Nipsey Hussle’s legacy. Big Sean’s emotionally charged tribute, “Deep Reverence,” becomes a focal point in this exploration. Discover how artists from diverse genres pay homage to Hussle through their musical creations, contributing to a legacy that transcends time and resonates with audiences globally.

Kross Ermias Asghedom


As we conclude this extensive journey through the life of Kross Ermias Asghedom, a holistic picture emerges—a narrative marked by resilience, tribulations, and the enduring legacy of Nipsey Hussle. Kross, positioned as one of the world’s wealthiest celebrity offspring, stands as a symbol of strength and continuity.

Reflecting on the challenges overcome, the triumphs celebrated, and the indomitable spirit inherited from his iconic parents, Kross Ermias Asghedom emerges not just as a celebrity offspring but as a beacon of resilience navigating the intricate tapestry of life.


Who is the father of Lauren London’s first son?

Lauren London’s eldest son, Kameron Carter, was born on September 9, 2009. He is the son of her ex-boyfriend, Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne revealed their pregnancy during a radio station appearance in Los Angeles a month before Kameron’s birth. This FAQ sheds light on the parentage of Lauren London’s firstborn.

What does the name Ermias mean?

The name Ermias has its roots in Africa and holds a profound meaning. Originating from Jeremiah, it signifies “God will rise.” This FAQ provides insight into the cultural and spiritual significance of the name Ermias, particularly for a baby boy, offering a deeper understanding for those curious about its origins.

Who has custody of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter?

Nipsey Hussle’s family has been appointed guardian over his teenage daughter, Emani. While Emani is under the care of Hussle’s family, Kross, Nipsey’s son, is being looked after by his mother, Lauren London. This FAQ clarifies the custody arrangements for Nipsey Hussle’s children, highlighting the family’s involvement and the circumstances leading to the custody decisions.

When was Lauren London’s son, Kross Ermias Asghedom, born?

In Los Angeles, California, Kross Ermias Asghedom, Lauren London’s son, was born on August 31, 2016. This FAQ provides a specific date for those seeking information about Kross’s birth, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of his life journey.

What is the significance of the name Ermias in African culture?

The name Ermias, rooted in African culture, holds a significant meaning. Derived from Jeremiah, it symbolizes “God will rise.” This FAQ delves deeper into the cultural context, exploring the name’s origin and spiritual connotations in African communities.

How old is Kross Ermias Asghedom as of 2023?

As of 2023, Kross Ermias Asghedom is seven years old. Born on August 31, 2016, this FAQ provides a snapshot of Kross’s age, allowing readers to place him within a specific timeframe in the narrative of his life.

Why was Nipsey Hussle’s daughter, Emani, given custody to his family?

Emani, Nipsey Hussle’s daughter, was given custody to his family in 2019 after it was determined that her mother, Tanisha Foster, was deemed unfit to care for her. This FAQ sheds light on the legal and familial considerations that led to the custody arrangements for Nipsey Hussle’s teenage daughter.

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