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How Can I Make Sure My Team Has the Best Pharmacy Technician Hired?

The best pharmacy technician is a number one person in your team. This is the ultimate guarantee that you will provide excellent patient care and the smoothest operations in the chaotic pharmacy. Though, how do you know that you are choosing among the best pharmacy technician for your team if there are too many candidates?

Recognizing a Pharmacy Dispenser’s Function

Its a must to be able to determine precisely the qualities and skills that you are looking for in a pharmacy technician before you even start the hiring process. A pharmacy technician hiring, also known as pharmacy dispensers, must perform various tasks such as preparing and dispensing prescriptions, assisting customers, taking charge of the inventory, and seeing that everything done complies with the rules and regulations set.

Crafting a Detailed Job Description

Creating an accurately written job description that outlines the responsibilities and qualifications sought for the position is not only one of the first steps in attracting top talent, but also a very important one. Do not forget to list the specific training, level of experience, and certifications that a person needs to achieve a high level of performance in the job. It will thus shorten the time frame for the hiring and help the applicants to understand whether they are the right person for that job.

Utilizing Multiple Recruitment Channels

Utilize a multichannel recruitment method such as social networking, professional associations, networking events, and online job boards to reach the widest representation of potential candidates. The chances of getting the right candidate who meets the requirements of the job you need will increase provided that you do not cut corners when advertising.

Implementing a Thorough Screening Process

To decrease the options after you have a pool of applicants, establish a screening process that matches you with eligible candidates. The process could cover reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews (in-person or by phone), conducting evaluations of skills, and making inquiries regarding references. You can select the finest pharmacy technician for your team by applying the screening of each applicant in detail, though it requires you time.

Conducting In-Depth Interviews

We will conduct a thoughtful and thorough in-depth interviewing of the most qualified candidates after the brief preliminary screening phase. Make the most of this occasion to assess about their skill in problem solving, communication and pharmaceutical practice. Elaborate about their involvement in the industry, approach in patient care, and stress managing techniques in detail. This will help you identify whether they are suitable persons to fill the position as well as work with you and the team.

Assessing Cultural Fit

Cultural fit with your hospital group’s pharmacy, just like the technical skill evaluation, is as important. Look for people who can work hard, maintain a good attitude, and be team players. One must learn to work with different kinds of people and should be able to adjust accordingly. The knowledge of speaking the native language of your country will let new pharmacy technician to integrate into your team and to build up a productive workplace without any hurdles.

Providing Ongoing Training and Development

The best pharmacy dispenser to be found for the team must be furnished with constant training and development plans, which shall aid them in promotion to higher positions. It could be arranged through mentorship, trainings whilst working, and continuing education classes. Helping your team members’ professional development is one of the ways to make your working team a skilled and goal-oriented pharmacy team.

The fact is that, a selection must be well balanced in terms of training, screening and a perfect match of both technical skills and cultural values. You will ensure that your drugstore is kept on track and functions perfectly while you are giving the best care to your patients if you follow these guidelines and put a lot of thought into the hiring decision.

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